Friday, November 14, 2008

Northrend... Here I come (all bundled up)!

As expected on Thursday, I put the Blizzard DVD into my computer and started installing the new expansion. I pre-ordered the collector's editions and the pet, Frosty, is adorable. I do have Stinker and therefore have a large collection of pets. I had to reinstall the last 2 patches which was fine... but still that was probably the longest part of the installation process. And Muradin.. had a queue.... it is a medium population server and it had a waiting line!!! I was so surprised because when I was on Argent Dawn, I had them all the time. Being that it was the first RP server, that was fine. But argh... so annoying. Mind you the queue was really small compared to my sister's (she is still on Argent Dawn and plays a holy priest).

So I take everything that I will most likely not need out of my bags; my pvp gear, most of my pots, elixirs and flasks, many of my trinkets, and my resist gear. So I now have 3 fully clear bags and feel a lot better about that. Then I take the boat to Borean Tundra (that is where I heard you should go if you are a tailor)... but I plan on doing both the Tundra and Howling Fjord. But as I stepped off the boat, I got the flight path and then proceeded to look for the profession trainers. I spent about 300g in order ot train all of the main and secondary professions inot Grand Master and all the spells and recipies that go with them... So I have Grand Master level of tailoring, enchanting, fishing, first aid, and cooking.

As I started questing, I realized that I relied way too much on Questhelper and I should read the quests more carefully (and not annoy my boyfriend, who is holy priest and who happens to be level 73 already and myself a lowly 71). But even so, after I started actually reading the quests they were very easy to follow and to accomplish. But again with any expansion, people are vying for the same mobs and many do not want to group in order to accomplish the objectives. I on the other hand found a few people to get a few quests done and they were very friendly about it. We all want to get to 80. So why not be nice about it? So I am about halfway through the Borean Tundra and I will keep this updated as I level. Hopefully next will be the Nexus.

Well good luck, happy questing, and have a delicious day!

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