Saturday, February 7, 2009


So in a rare change for me, I offered to my guild leaders and officers that I would go balance if we needed it for our raids... and they said we do. Our guild seems to have an over abundance of healers which is good, but then we cannot down bosses when we need to.

So here is my balance raiding spec. You will notice that I do not have typhoon or starfall in my spec. They are not very useful in raiding circumstances so why spec into them when I do not need it.

The main thing to get when looking for gear as a boomkin is hit and spell power. Those are the 2 main things to get. You can really never have enough spell power but if you are raiding, hit cap is 10% or 263 hit. That is if you have the talents which give you 4% hit, as well as either Imp Faerie Fire for another 3% hit or have a shadow priest in group (Actual hit cap is 17%).

The next that you want to stack is haste. Many people think that crit is the way to go as most of our damage is done by crits, but with talents most of our spells will crit anyway. The reason that I say haste is next after Spell power and hit is because you will get the crit with loot and gear. It is the stat that is on our tier 7 gear so I would suggest trying to get enough to make your wrath a 1.0 second cast instead of 1.5 seconds. This will cause a boomkin to output more damage by being able to cast more spells, especially when Eclipse procs. So as for stats to stack, here is how it goes...

Hit (10%) > Spell Power > Haste > Crit > Intellect + Spirit

The reason is that you do not want to miss any spells being below the hit cap, then Spell power because you can never have too much. Then haste, the more spells you cast the more damage you do. Along with that is crit, the more you crit the more damage you do... Then Intellect and Spirit for more spell power with talents and more mana and regen.

Now the next part of druid raiding is our spell rotation... Because of procs, you cannot always have a set spell rotation. I have looked a lot of different sites, and talked to other moonkins about it and it entails IFF if needed, Moonfire, Improved Insect Swarm (If desired), and then Wrath spam until Eclipse proccs and then Starfire until the buff is over. But NEVER allow Moonfire to expire.

Faerie Fire --> Moonfire --> Insect Swarm --> Wrath -(Eclipse)-> Starfire
Rinse and Repeat

There is also some talk about improving mana efficiency with down ranking spells but since the XPac came out and all the changes to raid mana, I do not see why any druid would sacrifice damage for a little mana, especially when I rarely drop below 70% mana during a raid fight.

So until that time, have fun raiding and have a delicious day!

P.S. My Guild, Is Being Repressed downed Sartharion with 3 Drakes last night! Congrats to all!