Thursday, November 20, 2008

Leveling in Wrath: Part 1

So I finished Borean Tundra... and might I say I wish I had done Howling Fjord first... for two reasons. One reason is that Howling Fjord was REALLY boring and the Tundra was not, and two was that I did not take the time to appreciate the Tundra because I just wanted to get my quests done to level and I had to wait in line to do so many quests. Since I started leveling I have finished 2 zones (Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord) and am halfway through the next (Dragonblight). Here are some screenshots of my time in the Fjord.

So far I really like this area as the quests are interesting, and I get the reputation needed with the Wyrmrest Accord for the head piece enchant for healers. The leveling is very slow as the amount of XP you have to get through is enormous. I do not even look at bubbles anymore. I use XPFu which shows me percentages as well as the actual numerical amounts. I prefer this to bubbles because, well it is just my preference. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ANYWAY... back on track. Dragonblight has a lot of quests that say "group" on them... and I am of the opinion that anyway can solo these if they have the will... But then again, sometimes they just hit too hard for a clothy to kill the mob. I have helped a few of my guildies with such quests (they needed someone to heal) even though at the moment I am boomkin specced. But again they are most likely 2 man-able if you have the gear.

I personally really like the way that the Wyrmrest Tower is constructed and the way you have to get to the levels. For those of you out there that were not able to get Netherwing Drakes then you are able to ride dragons without the cost. So far I am able to do many of the quest by myself. I prefer to level with someone else, but most people in my guild are not exactly on the same quests that I am... so I find others around the area and party with them. I just HATE to fight for mobs and that is another reason I disliked the Tundra... because that is all people were doing. Oh well.

Anyway, I have been through The Nexus and will post about that soon. Happy leveling and have a delicious day!

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Aertimus said...

I just had to comment because I had totally the opposite experience from you! I leveled in HF first as well and absolutely loved the Varkul plot line(s). BT was cute with the DEHTA quests and the air strip, but the plot didn't seem as cohesive. The Nexus stuff was good, but the plot there didn't tie into everything else. So my real comment is "Great going Blizz!" that they were able to make a game that pleased so many people in so many different ways.

I'm glad you are having fun and hope you conintue to do so!