Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leveling in Wrath: Instances

OK so as of yesterday, I am now a level 77. Yay cold weather flying! Which is amazing, and so helpful because of the increase in flight path prices. So I have only done 3 Instances so far. I have done Nexus, Gundrak, Violet Hold.

I have a few pics from the Nexus, but none from the other instances as I was healing instead of being a boomkin. The nexus was pretty much tank and spank with a few different aspects. Just read about the instances and you will be fine. But I would have to say that the instances are very well done graphically.

Gundrak is sort of a short version of sunken temple. You have a big circle in which after killing each boss you have to activate a stone. The bosses are not that hard. I actually healed it all as a balance druid. The Violet Hold is the new Black Morass but without all the trash in the beginning and without the adds. But the Violet Hold you do need to get a key for. I believe you have to be level 75 in order to get the quest in Dalaran to get the key.

These instances are so much easier than they were in the beginning of Burning Crusade. I almost wish that they were harder. But the one thing I really love about the instances, is that they are all short. No more 4 hour Shadow Labs... these instances probably take about an hour.

So may your instancing be easy, and have a delicious day!

PS. I was mentioned on a Wow Insider Podcasts episode 64! About 20 minutes in about the Magical Crawdad Pet. And I was mentioned in Phealia's Community Spotlight post on Resto4Life!!!

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Rich said...

YAY Cusper! What's up honey?! Congrats on your new blog. I subscribed to your feed and look forward to reading all about the Delicious Druid. And I can't believe you were mentioned on WoW Insider! I'll check it out.

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