Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bringing HoTs Back!

So there are many different ways to heal as a druid. Pretty much it depends on what your assignment is.

Raid healing: For the most part a druid will always be on the raid. Only in extreme circumstances will a druid ever be on a Main tank.

This consists of throwing out Wild Growth on every cooldown and casting Rejuvenation as much as you can within the WG 6 second cooldown. Every now and again if someone does not get a bigger heal from a priest of shaman you can throw a Nourish up.

Glyph of Wild Growth
Glyph of Nourish
Glyph of Swiftmend

With these, your WG hits an addition person, if you need to quickly heal someone, Swiftmend can be used without taking off a HoT and Nourish also heals for extra when there are multiple HoTs on a player.

If you are MT healing, which should be rarely, throw up all your HoTs and then Nourish spam until you need to refresh your HoTs. Lifebloom you do not really have to use, just Regrowth, Rejuventation and Wild Growth.

I did not do the math to prove this, but I find this healing method to be effective.


Averna said...

It's funny, I feel like druids used to be amazing main tank healers... but now, in Ulduar, they're better for raid healing. We always assign our paladins for the MT heals, with some druid hots to support it, but mostly druids are hotting up the raid.

I think that druids still CAN be decent MT healers - but with the amount of damage going out on the tanks (bosses hitting for 30k in one hit), our hots just don't cut it.

On 10 man Hodir, for instance, we had two druid healers, and a ret paladin who swapped over to throwing heals out with minimal healing gear on. We were a good group of raiders, and we just couldn't keep up with the damage. 80% of the time, the tank would eat it.

Hm.... interesting. I might be able to write a whole blog post about this! "Are trees good for main tank healing?"

And yes, I will link back to you!

Cusper said...

Averna... thank you so much for writing back and reading my blog. I read yours a lot too!

Anyway, I would have to say that yes, I remember MT healing back in vanilla WoW. It was great! But now it seems we do not even get the chance to MT heal ever. I mean our HoTs with Glyph of Nourish would be I think a great way to heal... That is sometimes what I use on raid members as well. Rejuv/WG everyone, then Nourish as/if needed.

Anyway, I am usually going boomkin these days as a couple other of our druids have gone back to resto.

Maestro said...

I agree that Druids are not really made to heal the MT anymore. Or rather, there are things that we are much better at. However, I find that we rarely have a fight that does not involve a raid leader saying "... and keep HoT's up on the tank if you can" as part of the druid assignment.

One of the patterns that I am noticing is that it takes HoTs for our heals to become truly effective. This means we use a GCD to cast the HoT when sometimes there is no GCD to spare. I like the supplementary role where we keep the raid up and fill in the cracks. We're like the mortar that turns a pile of stones into a wall protecting the raid.