Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Leveling in Wrath: LeveL 80!

So I finally hit level 80! YAY!

So how I finally got to 80... (my guild master says I fail at leveling since I hit 80 right after our first raid ended)

I got sick of Storm peaks very fast. I did not like the quests, so I decided to go to Sholazar Basin, as stated in my last post. I like the quests a lot here. You actually get ported back to Un'goro crater in one of the quests, kill a dude, then port back. It was a lot of fun.

After I finished with all the quests in the Basin, I decided that I would go around to all of the zones and discover all of the sub-zones in order to get the achievement for the title of Explorer. I then proceeded to Icecrown. I actually liked these quests. They were arranged in a logical order and it was very easy to get a few done at one time. The only thing is, if you do not have an epic flyer, I bet this zone would not be as fun. The first bunch of quests that you get are actually on a flying ship around the middle of the zone. It took a while for me to find it because I have to turn my video settings down low so that I do not lag a lot.

But now that I am 80, time to respec resto. I have not decided whether to use the Regrowth or Lifebloom glyph yet, but the other two are good(Innervate and Swiftmend). I am also questioning either Natural perfection and Replenish for a few of my last points. We shall see how that goes.

And since I missed the first raid, my guild, Is Being Repressed, has downed the Plague and Spider wing of Naxx (Grats guys!)

Happy raiding and phat lootz, and have a delicious day!